Trail Run Race Rules
  1. The athlete agrees to participate at their own risk and by their entry and participation fully indemnifies the organisers of the Hot 91.9 Ladies MTB & Trail Running Weekend, all official sponsors and partners, volunteer groups, medical suppliers, and any and all local authorities, from any direct or indirect loss or damage, however caused, arising from their participation in the event or related to the event, including pre-race and post-race activities.
  2. The race organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any entry. It is the responsibility of each athlete to ensure that they are medically fit and healthy to participate in the event. The organiser has the right to reject an entry on the advice of the race medical team. The Medical Practitioner has the highest authority at the race. EMS also have the authority to take an athlete off the course, even if the athlete refuses.
  3. The race organiser reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to remove any participant or entrant from the event or event route should (i) their conduct or attire in any way endanger or cause a hazard to other participants, spectators and / or attendees of the event; (ii) their conduct or attire poses a medical risk to themselves
  4. All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable under all circumstances, including, but not limited to, cancellation of the event or of the athlete’s participation, or change in the date, nature, or format of the event. The event may be cancelled or changed due to severe weather or any other factors that may be deemed to threaten the safety of athletes, staff, or volunteers.
  5. Once a completed entry has been received and accepted, there will be no refunds if the athlete cannot participate. The entry may not be sold to anyone else (except via the valid substitution process), and may not be transferred to future races.
  6. Age Limits
    1. The Hot 91.9 Ladies MTB & Trail Running Weekend 16km is open to all athletes who are 18 years and older on the day of the event
    2. The Hot 91.9 Ladies MTB & Trail Running Weekend 4km and 8km are open to all athletes.
    1. Registration will take place at the Baron on Main, Cnr Posthouse & Main Streets, Bryanston on Wednesday 15th of March from 12h00 until 17h00.
    2. No rider or runner will be allocated their race number until the race organisers are in possession of an indemnity form signed by the rider/runner if the entrant is a manual entrant.
    3. Late entries will be accepted, but subject to a late entry fee carrying a R50 surcharge.
    1. Full race briefing will take place at the start at Kloofzicht Lodge from 07h30 – start at 08h00 on the Saturday.
    2. These briefings will cover the various routes. Runners/walkers are expected to attend this as important information related to possible changes to the day's stage and hazards could be announced.
    3. Runners/walkers who do not attend the race briefings and are not aware of changes made will not be accommodated if they miss their start time, or any similar issue related to their not attending the race briefing.
    1. The prize giving takes place on Saturday to present the runners/walkers with awards.
    1. The Trail Run will consist of three distances on Saturday 17 March 2018. All distances will start and finish at Kloofzicht Lodge and will include arterial roads, jeep track and single track.
    2. At least one feed station (water, energy drinks, and sweets/fruit) will be provided at appropriate points.
    3. 4. Runners must complete the full distance of the race to be a "TLC Ladies MTB & Trail Running Weekend Official Finisher" and record an official result.
  1. THE START: Trail Run
    1. The 8km and 16km will start at 08h00. The 4km will start at 08h15.
    1. No timing chips (e.g. Racetec or Championchip) are required for the event.
    2. 2. All runners must display their TLC Ladies MTB & Trail Run Weekend race number always. Participants not displaying official race numbers will be regarded as non-participants, and prevented from continuing on the route by marshals.
    1. The TLC Ladies MTB & Trail Run Weekend will take place in March. It could be extremely hot. Ensure that you have appropriate clothing, and that you stay properly hydrated.
    1. Littering on the routes, damage to property, lighting of fires or damage to the environment will not be tolerated.
    2. Physical and/or abuse of TLC Ladies MTB & Trail Run Weekend Crew and Officials, or fellow competitors will not be permitted.
    3. Infringements of the above rules will result in possible disqualification.
    4. Littering by runners, even at feed zones, will not be allowed, and participants are requested to kindly use litter receptacles provided.
    5. If a runner is reported for littering at any time on the route, it will lead to their immediate disqualification.
    1. The TLC Ladies MTB & Trail Run Weekend will not have exclusive use of any public or private roads during the race. Because we are guests of the various landowners in the region, we are to respect their wishes to allow them to continue operating their businesses with minimum interruption. For safety reasons, all runners are expected to stop or give way to machines, transport vehicles, until the road is clear and an official or marshal waves the riders on.
    1. All riders/runners must complete the entire distance of the race.
    2. Whilst utmost care will be taken to mark and marshal the route, the responsibility for following the official route lies with the participant.
    3. No rider/runner is permitted to take any shortcuts, or take advantage of any similar nature over other participants.
    4. Riders/runners who leave the route for any reason whatsoever must return into the route at the same place from where they exited it.
    5. Any walking, running with the intention of not directly rejoining the course, or any other activity in breach of the regulations, which takes place outside the demarcated stage area, can result in disqualification.
    6. Riders/runners must act in a polite manner and permit any faster rider/runner to pass unhindered as soon as conditions allow.
    7. Riders/runners must respect the environment, and proceed only on the official demarcated route.
    8. No pollution of any kind is permitted.
    9. No glass containers are permitted.
    10. Riders/runners must not use abusive language, act in an unsporting manner and be disrespectful to The TLC Ladies MTB & Trail Run Weekend officials, crew, marshals, medical attendants, supporters, the media or the traffic officials.
    11. Riders/runners are expected to administer basic first aid to injured team partners and other competitors, and if required, take necessary steps to summon assistance in the case of a serious injury.

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